Dogecoin Millionaire Limited Edition Energy Drinks

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Dogecoin x MOJO Limited Edition MOJO - Original Flavor

Black Limited Edition Only: 5 Lucky Winners will Receive a Limited Edition MOJO NFT 

Mojo is the first crypto powered energy drink ever made BY a bunch of Chads FOR the entire world! Yeah, that’s right, we are putting on the rocket boosters and headed into outer space with our one-of-kind insane energy blend that will have you primed to do some late night swing trading or snipe a listing or two!

Includes: 1 MOJO Energy Can Package
  • Niacin 200%

  • Vitamin B6 200%

  • Vitamin B12 200%

  • Pantothenic Acid 200%

  • Total Fat 0g

  • Calories 100

  • Sodium 280mg

  • Total Carbohydrate 26g

  • Protein 0g

*We Now Accept Crypto! Please Note, Crypto Payments must be sent within 24hrs or the order will be cancelled.

*Limit 20 Per Customer

*Ships to USA Only. International Coming Soon